Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The top 5 children’s songs

We all know that kids love to sing along with children’s songs. Haven’t you thrown many a baby CD to lull an infant or toddler to sleep? Likewise, we know the magical effect an energetic song can have on a room full of children.

The great part about baby music is that it makes learning fun for kids. They move and dance along to tunes, which will help them develop their coordination and fine motor skills, and they learn new words and their meanings. In addition, children improve their memory skills when they learn the words to their favorite children’s songs.

If you’re looking for some ideas for the perfect baby CD to give as a gift or to play for your own child, why not look for compilations that incorporate some of the universal favorites? Below are some of the all-time most requested children’s songs!

The Alphabet Song. This Sesame Street favorite offers the perfect way to teach children the alphabet as well as enhance phonemic learning.  

I’m a Little Teapot. Simple but so much fun and very interactive—remember bending over to “become” a teapot? This song promotes coordination and encourages social interaction, as it’s so much fun to form the stout and handle and pretend to pour the tea!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The lyrics are easy to remember and beneficial to memory, and the song is great for teaching rhymes.  

London Bridge is Falling Down. The double repetition employed is excellent for building memory skills. The rhyme is one of the most well- known in the world!

Old MacDonald Had a Farm. This is an undisputed classic among all forms of baby music. It’s a great vocabulary builder and helps teach children the meaning of many words, such as the animals sung about. Give this song an extra learning boost by finding a baby DVD that plays it—they’ll quickly learn to associate certain animals with their correct names, as well as the sounds they make. Where else can you easily learn about pigs, chickens and cows?  

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