Monday, October 24, 2011

Benefits of Sing-a-longs for your baby

We all know how much fun it is to sing along with a baby CD or musical baby books filled with children’s songs. Yet did you know that there are a myriad of benefits that these type of musical baby toys can effect? Many studies have shown that working with musical baby books, baby music CDS and educational baby DVDs that engage children to move or sing-a-long with children’s songs enhances vocabulary development and physical coordination. It looks like baby music toys aren’t just about play—they’re also tool for helping your baby genius develop their minds. In other words, popping in a baby DVD or one of our baby music CDs means you’re working with the finest developmental baby toys available.

Singing along with baby music, whether on a baby CD or from educational baby DVDs, enhances the process even more. Several studies have shown that children who had books sung to them or played with musical baby toys had greater vocabulary acquisition than those who did not. Baby Genius creates the best baby music CDs by including songs that are easy to learn and sing along with. Each of our educational baby toys that feature baby music encourages interaction and promotes movement—by working with a baby DVD or any one of our baby music toys, children learn new words while organically incorporating rhythm and developing coordination. Our educational baby toys also feature the best baby music CDs for improving memory skills and pronunciation. Who knew that baby music was the source of some of the best developmental baby toys available?

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