Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Make the Most of Playtime

Studies show that playtime with parents is crucial to a child’s development. Baby Genius takes this into account when developing educational baby toys like our musical baby books, baby music CDs and baby DVDs that are filled with children’s songs. As silly as it may seem, singing along with baby music, whether it’s from a baby CD, one of our educational baby DVDs or musical baby toys, offers a fun and innovative way to bond with your children.

When you sing along with your child’s favorite children's songs, it makes them feel special and loved—the feelings a child needs to become a baby genius. Spending time playing with baby music toys or singing along with musical baby books is a way to move and learn about your child’s own uniqueness. You can dance and have fun just moving with one of our baby music CDs or a baby DVD—it’s hard to believe you’re actually working with developmental baby toys when you do! Plus, it’s actually a great way for overstressed parents to relax.

Some things you can do to make the most out of your playtime, whether it’s with baby music or not, include:

1. Switch it up and keep the way you play fresh. Go to the zoo, play with baking, watch and interact with educational baby DVDs, sing along with musical baby toys, etc. Just try to play in several different, interesting ways each week.

2. Show your baby genius that you value the way they play. If they’re singing along with a baby CD or dancing with the tunes from our musical baby toys, let them know they’re doing well and that you appreciate the way they play.

3. Create a joyful, playful atmosphere with fun educational baby toys and materials that children can incorporate and be stimulated by. We offer the best baby music CDs for doing exactly that!
Make sure to play with your child as much as you can, especially during the formative years. Don’t be afraid to enjoy this unadulterated time with your child, let yourself go and play freely. Sing and dance along with our baby music CDs and get silly!

Remember, the best baby toys don’t have to be boring. We offer some of the best ways to incorporate baby music into playtime—from the best baby music CDs and sing-a-long books to fun educational baby DVDs.

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