Monday, October 17, 2011

The Best in Baby DVDs to Make Your Kid Smarter

It’s really never too early to foster the learning process, which is why Baby Genius created an array of educational baby toys, musical baby books and baby music CDs that stimulate both infants and toddlers. Yet beyond just working with a baby CD or baby music toys, we’ve also created a selection of educational baby DVDs filled with fun children’s songs, nursery rhymes and classical music that will help your child’s learning process at the earliest age possible. So you’re not limited to our musical baby toys and the best baby music CDS in the marketplace, you can get the best of baby music and children’s songs on DVD too!

Studies show that watching stimulating content like our baby DVD products helps with the development of your child’s brain. Yet with so many educational DVDs and baby music CDs, which should you choose? Luckily, all the baby DVD and baby CD products that Baby Genius offers are geared to stimulate and entertain while teaching your child some of the basics. They’re so much fun to play and sing along with, you’ll completely forget that you’re working with developmental baby toys.

Our educational baby DVDs are delightful! Some of our favorites include:

Baby Animals Favorite Sing-A-Longs. This DVD is filled with baby animals, little children and lively tunes… all filmed at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park.

The Four Seasons. Classical music and stunning imagery fill this award-winning DVD.

Mozart and Friends. A rich array of classical compositions that brings your baby into the world of colors, shapes, letters, numbers and more.

Favorite Sing-A-Longs. Children songs at their best— marvelous sing-a-longs like Apples and Bananas and I’ve Been Working on the Railroad. Favorite Sing-A-Longs is fully animated and features lively music designed to capture kids’ attention and teach rhymes and rhythms.

Underwater Adventures. One of the best musical baby toys ever! Colorful images of dolphins, sea lions, manta rays and more ocean creatures moving to enchanting classical music.

Our educational baby toys also include a complete selection of DVDs in Spanish!

So remember, Baby Genius is not just about musical baby books, baby music toys and the best best baby music CDs—we’ve got all that and more, with our delightfully fun baby DVDs. We offer developmental baby toys like no other!

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