Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Essential Role of Play

Aside from being fun and entertaining, children learn through play and garner significant developmental benefits. Baby Genius strives to create educational baby toys such as musical baby books and baby music CDs filled with children’s songs that maximize these benefits and provide fun for parents and children alike.

Play impacts your child's neurological development! Play and exploration trigger the secretion of BDNF, an integral substance for the growth of brain cells. Therefore, it’s important for play to have an exploratory element to it. Baby Genius designs everything from our educational baby DVD and baby CD products to our musical baby toys and other developmental baby toys with that in mind. Both our baby music CDs and musical baby books engage your child to learn new children’s songs and sing-a-long—they’re actually so much fun that even parents forget that they’re educational baby toys as well. 
There are actually many ways to make the most out of playtime for children. It’s important for playtime to be structure-free and lacking boundaries. For example, children may want to sing or dance along with our educational baby DVDs and play with our baby music toys by themselves or with others. They may want you to play a baby CD or baby DVD of children’s songs so they can socialize and play with you or other children—since playtime is about exploring and making discoveries, it’s all about what they want to do and how they want to use their baby music toys. Luckily, Baby Genius provides the best baby music CDs that make it fun and productive to sing to and with your infant or child, learn classics and nursery rhymes—all activities that will boost their memory, and help develop their oral and written language skills.
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