Monday, September 26, 2011

Musical Baby Books: The Power of Sing-A-Longs

Singing to children is a natural for most parents. Lullabies and children’s songs always soothe and entertain infants and toddlers. When parents take the next step and start reading from musical baby books or singing along with baby music CDs or a baby DVD, a whole other realm of benefits can be expected that will contribute to the development of your baby genius.

Musical baby books and educational baby DVDs provide a simple, cost-effective way to combine learning language and vocabulary with the benefits of children’s literature. Singing along with children’s songs from baby music CDs or musical baby toys boosts phonemic awareness, which is critical for literacy development. In addition, studies have found that when a child sings along, whether with baby music toys, educational baby DVDs or a baby CD, their motivation is increased, neurological effects are enhanced and fluency is boosted. Who would have thought developmental baby toys could be fun, too!

Teachers read out loud to their students to generate conversation and introduce the joys of literacy—plus, it’s a great way to bond with students. The same benefits are enjoyed from singing along with a baby music toys or the best baby music CDs. Since educational baby toys like a baby DVD or baby music toys are interactive and appealing, children don’t realize that they are actually improving their grammar skills. That’s the great thing about musical baby toys and baby music—it seems like just play, not like playing with developmental baby toys.

The bottom line—every baby genius benefits from and enjoys a baby CD filled with baby music! Choose the best baby music CDs or a baby DVD for your child’s educational baby toys and learning will definitely be fun.

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