Monday, September 19, 2011

Why children's music is so much better than T.V.

If you’re trying to find the best tools for helping your baby genius develop, there are some facts you should know about the negative effects of television viewing. When you have other choices  in play like singing children’s songs or reading musical baby books, as well as an array of educational baby toys, like musicalbaby books, baby music CDs and baby DVDs, you will probably only want to turn the TV on to play educational baby DVDs.

Studies show that watching too much TV weakens a child’s imagination. If watching a program at all, it should be one that prompts a child to interact, such as educational baby DVDs. Children need to sing, listen to stories and play outdoors. In general, watching regular television does not require concentration, focused attention, or comprehension. This is why Baby Genius strives to create the best baby DVD products that promote interaction and integration. In addition, the developmental baby toys we create are geared to stimulate and promote cognitive skills, as well as memory, language and vocabulary skills—these include our musical baby books, baby CD products, and musical baby toys.

Too much television watching can cause overstimulation as well as desensitization to the violence that is so prevalent in today’s programming. In addition, watching too much TV can affect brain development. A young child should be moving around and dancing like they do when singing along with children’s songs on baby music CDs or playing with baby music toys.
While TV watching promotes a passive state, the educational baby toys we create at Baby Genius, like our baby CD products filled with baby music, baby music toys and other developmental baby toys, do exactly the opposite. So visit and find the best baby music CDs and baby music toys for your child today!

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