Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why are children’s songs so helpful to child development?

Many research studies have been conducted over the past few decades that show how baby music and children’s songs are extremely valuable to child development. For example, a study conducted in 1995 showed that listening to Mozart improved spatial reasoning, while in 1996, students from two elementary schools n Rhode Island showed marked improvement in math skills after participating in a sequential music program. These types of studies show exactly why baby music CDs and educational baby toys such as musical baby books and baby DVDs are considered fundamentals for development.

Musical baby toys aren’t just for intellectual and cognitive development either—a study conducted by Auburn University showed that at-risk children who participated in music programs showed significant increases in self-esteem. That alone is enough motivation to build a library of educational baby DVDs, musical baby books and the best baby music CDs filled with classical music and children’s songs. Baby music toys and baby DVDs are also entertaining and provide great ways for parent-child bonding.

Many parents worry that they can’t afford to give their children expensive music lessons or that they never had them so are not sure how to make the most of baby music—never fear, all you need is a baby CD! This is exactly why Baby Genius created its slate of developmental baby toys that include all you need to garner the benefits of baby music and children’s songs. Your child can sing-a-long with the content on our baby music CDs and educational baby DVDs, read along with musical baby books and play with musical baby toys, and enjoy the benefits you would expect from all types of educational baby toys.

Pop in a baby CD or baby DVD for your infant or toddler (aka baby genius), and you’ll quickly realize the far reaching benefits of baby music toys and best baby music CDs. Movement and coordination is enhanced, social interaction is encouraged, and cognitive skills are augmented from our innovative developmental baby toys.

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