Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby music sing-a-longs

It’s pretty obvious that toddlers and infants alike enjoy themselves immensely when baby music is played and sung to them. And when they start to speak and sing along too, then the fun quadruples for everyone involved—because honestly, even as adults, you’ve got to admit that it’s hilarious fun to sing along with your children’s favorite songs.

The even greater thing about baby music sing-a-longs is that they offer a multitude of benefits for strengthening and developing your child’s mind. Only the best toys for babies can be fun and beneficial! Research shows that when children engage in musical activities, including simply listening to music, it involves their brain at nearly every level. The more infants and toddlers are exposed to music, the more that their verbal, spatial and emotional intelligence increases. In addition, their coordination and body movement improves. Another pretty obvious benefit is that their vocabulary acquisition skills will be greater than children who don’t listen to baby music or participate in sing-a-longs.

When children are exposed to all types of music earlier in life, they will be better at singing in tune and recognizing rhythm and beat. An added bonus is that they’ll also have a stronger ability to understand music theory and possibly play musical instruments—in other words, you could be grooming a baby Mozart!

What’s phenomenal about singing along to your children’s favorite songs or musical baby books is that these activities feel like play to both children and parents, but are truly helping to develop children’s minds and de-stress mom and dad. So that clearly sets playthings involving music apart from the rest, making them some of the best toys for babies. Incorporate music whenever you can, during bath time, meals, playtime and in the car—and, of course, the time-honored tradition of lulling children to sleep.

image credit: landeth@flickr.com

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