Friday, January 11, 2013

How a baby DVD can save the day

Have you ever been on a road trip or family vacation that was plagued by your antsy toddler or baby that cried incessantly? While we all love our children to death, when you are trying to decompress it can be frustrating when you’re unable to soothe your child or lull them to sleep. However, there are some productive measures you can take to calm your little ones and create a more relaxed atmosphere for everyone. If you’re looking for an example one of these techniques that is super easy to implement, simply pop in a baby DVD!

When you think of musical toys for your baby or toddler, you probably imagine a loud
toy piano or guitar. While those toys are lots of fun and can be very educational,
a baby DVD will stimulate several of your child’s senses and engage them for the
duration. Fortunately, if you’re traveling in a car without a built-in DVD
player, your child can view musical programming on an iPad or laptop. Ahh, the benefits of cutting-edge technology!

So when you consider musical toys for your baby or toddler, remember, you’re not limited to physical items that take up lots of space. You can easily tune your child into some exciting programming that keeps them engaged and also offers them a wide range of developmental benefits. Talk about multitasking! Letting them watch vivid visual scenes coupled with fun baby music will help them develop listening and language skills, while building their vocabulary. In addition, they will feel an inclination to move and wiggle to the music, which promotes coordination and the refining of their motor skills. Another incredible benefit of watching a DVD is that children will start to associate words with their meanings and
even learn to recognize how tone and enunciation affects a word’s meaning or expresses

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