Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year’s resolutions for your baby genius

It’s that time of year again—the period during which we resolve to lose weight, save money and live life to the fullest. Yet how does your baby benefit from this time of year? While infants and toddlers are too young to make their own New Year’s resolutions, the good news is, you can focus on a few ways to boost their development. A fun and extremely beneficial way is through the use of baby music!

We know that music affects a child’s mental, physical, social and emotional growth; something few toys can do on their own. Why not come up with some ways to integrate music into family’s activities and to spice up ordinary activities, such as bath time or meals? The great thing about children’s music is that it’s very low cost, and sometimes even free. How hard is it to sing a song to your child or along with them? It makes for a fun and bonding experience that de-stresses the adults involved as well.

Incorporating songs and children's music into your infant or toddler’s life is also as easy as popping in a baby DVD or CD for them to watch or listen to. Watch what happens—they’ll be wiggling around in no time, giggling and smiling to no end. Plus, they’ll simultaneously be improving and developing their coordination, vocabulary, language skills and rhythm—all of which will benefit their academic learning.

In our next post, we’ll pose some ideas for resolutions involving the use of baby music. In the meantime, come up with some ideas of your own and send them to us. We love hearing the different ways that parents everywhere augment their children’s learning and development.


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