Monday, January 7, 2013

One of the all-time favorite children’s songs

One of the most interesting children’s songs that is actually an all-time favorite is Pop Goes the Weasel. While the majority of children and adults have heard this song and know it by heart, most people don’t know the history of this funny tune. In fact, when we did a survey to find out who knew what this tune was about, most thought it originated at a sports event. Wrong!

This song, which is included in many CD compilations and DVDs with baby music to this day, originated in Britain back in the 1700s. This nursery rhyme became a music-hall ditty for a lengthy period of time—something few children’s songs can claim—and later became the theme of a popular game children’s game in the 19th century.

Some intriguing trivia about this song—the lyrics state “Up and down the city road, in and out the Eagle. That’s the way the money goes. Pop, goes the weasel!" The “eagle” they are referring to is actually the The Eagle Tavern, a pub in Hackney, North London that Charles Dickens was known to frequent. Also interesting is the fact that in cockney slang, “Pop goes the weasel,” is thought to mean “Pawn one’s coat.” Hmm…

Considering the fact that this song has transcended centuries and is still ubiquitous on both CDs and DVDs with baby music, it’s safe to say that it’s an all-time historical favorite.

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